Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jelly Bellies!

Hey ya'll! B. Winfrey here. I've been working on some sweet blogs, which I will post soon. Until then, since I like to keep you all fed and happy, here's a video of my favorite Mark Ryden painting a piece called "Incarnation." If you've never seen his paintings in person, I suggest you book a trip to NYC immediately. As lame-o as it sounds, seeing his work in person is a magical experience. He is a master painter, and you would be doing yourself a great favor by paying attention. His new show, entitled, "The Gay 90's" will be unleashed unto us mortals April 29th and will run through June 5th. The Paul Kasmin Gallery(293 10th Ave, NY) will host. If you're around NYC for the opening, please go, and then brag to me all about it. You are allowed to dress in an old timey costume!!! I'm tearing up just thinking of all the fun I could have. I'll be in NYC the week before that spending some time with Tim Burton, Cartier Bresson, and William Kentridge, but my heart will always belong to Mark Ryden.


Go see the show!!!