Friday, April 8, 2011

Eat the meat.

Americans, for the most part, seem to have massive issues with their food, and I'm not just talking about our desire for a svelt nation full of fit as fuck yoga freaks. I'm mostly talking about the way we treat food, it's production and consumption here in this beautifully fucked up nation. For most of us, the issue isn't having food, it's that once we do have it, how are we so sure that what we're eating is even food. Most of it is some food-like product that has been manufactured in a lab. Also, once we have decided what we want to eat, there is not romance in our interaction. It's just a wham! bam! Gimme more grocery store chain amonia soaked ham. There is nothing nice or tasty-good sounding about any of that. It's just sad, lonely people, shoving medicore products into their mouths because that is the only option they think they have.

The next issue is that we don't even seem to enjoy what we're eating anymore which, of course, is why we eat at the MacDonalds and the Wendy's. I am not above eating fast food when I am summer time stoop hangin' drunk, or hungover. Nothing fills the void like a spicy chick'n sangwich from Wendy's, salty salt lick fries, all smothered in some plastic tasting BBQ sauce. YUM-OMG. We don't think about what we eat because we have decided that we are too busy. We're too busy to eat food that tastes good because we want to sleep in, and run late to work on purpose. We're too busy to eat food that tastes good because we worked late and don't feel like cooking anything, or stopping somewhere that isn't the corner bodega because it's out of our way. We. Hate. Food. Good food! Ya'll be so stupid.

The most important issue here besides the "treat yourself to deliciousness" is that corporations own our food. They make it difficult for people who live below or at the poverty line to purchase foods that are a healthier option. They control the production and distribution of the food you put into your mouth every day, and they are killing you softly. Even though this documentary was, at times, difficult to stomach, it is so important. It is unacceptable that we have let our food culture come to this.

FYI, Taco Hell, I went to your website to see your busted ass recipe and guess what? I found it, but it is as vague as the Obama Administration's definition of "transparency." Keep on fucking that silicon dioxide beef-chicken ya'll! This is what I'm saying, the food you eat has the potential to come from somewhere that isn't a factory or that isn't a factory farm where the cows are eating soylent each other. It is absolutely possible to arrive at a meal that you have made yourself, that supports local farms and butchers. Yes, you may be spending a little more money, but doesn't it just taste better? Don't you feel morally less bankrupt than you did before? The answer you are searching for is "yes."

Ok, even if it doesn't taste better(MSG is magical I know), take a second to enjoy what you put in your mouth( the jokes write themselves people). The food you eat shouldn't be treated as a simple fuel. If that's the way you want to look at it, then you might as well just start chugging Slim-Fast shakes. You'll lose weight to achieve the ideal that American's think they should strive for, and, you'll imbibe all necessary nutrients your body needs to survive. If this is the adventure you choose, then you hurt food's feelings, and mine as well. The delicious food that you have access to every day via Farmer's Markets, neighborhood butchers, very generous and lovely neighbors, grandparents, etc, should not be taken for granted. Food is a gift. A magical, sweet or savory gift. A possible fantasy for your moufth. You want me to take you there? Oh baby I will.

Here are some delicious restaurants, butcher shops and a co-op sauce you should try plus one link to the corporation that is trying to destroy everything. I know they may be a smidge pricey, but for a delicious night out, or for perfectly sliced and diced animal parts of all kinds, they are totally worth it. Plus, you're supporting local businesses, and that always feels like the right thing to do.

The Bristol
The Purple Pig
The Butcher and Larder
Paulina Meat Market
Delicious Co-op Hot sauce
Pro Monsanto
Go Go GO Monsanto

Also, since it is sort of Spring here in Chi-City, Farmer's Markets are going to start soon, so get to the choppah, and buy some delicious foods while supporting local farmers at the same time! 2011 is the year of eatin' good in the neighborhood!

Take advantage of the city and of the resources you have. It's easier than you think.