Sunday, May 16, 2010


In anticipation of Never Ender Bender, menage edition, I've spent this Sunday dowloading a bunch of totally random ass songs, which includes a delicious blend of hilarious and horrible guily pleasures (don't tell ANYONE I love that GD David Archuleta song!!!! Al, my side eye is focused on you). Amongst the dancey fun, I've downloaded a buncha live Lady Gaga jams. I love her like a rainbow, and I find myself defending her voice all the time.
Autotune was the best worst invention of this last decade because it allows anyone to become a pop star(Ke$ha, my side eye is pointed in your stanky direction). I don't care what you think about The Gaga, that is neither here nor there. What I do care about is when fools try to tell me she can't sing. Well, I guess if you judge what "singing" is from watching American Idle, then, wait, no, if you think THAT is singing, then, F+. Kelly Clarkson and Glambert are the only two who made it out of that shit show alive.

My point is, strip away the autotune, and you will find a lot of tone deaf "musicians." I love T-Pain as much as the next upper middle class white person, but I want to stress, that when you take away The Gaga's autotune, you're left with a voice that is suprisingly pure and holy shit, ON KEY! Listening to her really sing without the help of a studio gives me hope that one day, music will return to what it was before everyone sounded like they swallowed a vocoder.



  1. What an entertainer. ... and yes she can sing.


  2. Are you going to sing a Lady Gaga song for us. I will supply a keyboard.

  3. Wow. That was amazing. I love her SO much, and I hate it when people say she's all glitz and no real talent, or that it's all about the fashion and spectacle and not the music for her.

    p.s. to be totally shallow, I do like when she's got her kick-ass stiletto on the keys at the end there.