Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2006 OR BUST!!!

Today's show is about memories. We've dug into my summer jam dancey alongy fun and sad bastards of the great white north, thus, the natural next step is, "Songs I used to play over and over again while drinking Ketel One and tonic and getting ready to go to Berlin for the 5th night in a row with all of my nearest and dearest." aka "My pantyhose are always dirty because I've been climbing onto the stage all night and wading through a mixture of booze and god know what else is caked on that floor." The year is 2006. I am in my senior year at Columbia, I am an Art History major, I work at H&M, I am 24, I live in a ghettoplex in Boystown, my apartment houses 2 relatively comfortably, but is known affectionately as the "HOMO-tel" due to the high volume of crashers and live-ins. The year is 2006, and I just got a hot pink Motorola Razr phone(RIP). I fucking LOVE SNAKE!!! Almost every night of the week, I would come home from work, pick up a 30 pack of PBR from the Gold Crown Liquors, or sometimes a bottle of liquor, sometimes liquor and a few bottles of Boones for Steve, we'd drink most of the beers and/or liquor, and then we'd roll out to Berlin where we could still smoke casually and dance until the sun was blazing in the sky. Sometimes we would stand in the middle of the dancefloor smoking because we were in protest of the horrible song that was playing. Sometimes our jam would blast on and we would shimmy for our lives while accidentally(sometimes) burning neighboring randoms with our lit cigarettes. We'd stumble on out onto the street, and then I'd stumble on home to bed. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. These were the days when we just could not be bothered to give a dern (Laura Dern! J/K, I love her. Jurassic Park 3-D 2013!). Our lives centered around being fabulous sparkling diamonds, and we didn't care if we woke up the next day, and went to work in the same clothes. Our lives were incredible, and we owned every precious minute. There are times when I think about 2006, and sometimes I think, "Jesus and Mary chain! I used to be so much more fabulous! I used to wear the same blue dress with white flowers, white patent heels, and a sailor hat almost every night I went out. What happened to my swag mon?" When you're 24, just graduating college, (yes, I took my time), and me, the future is not real. The concept of time doesn't loom overhead like a great ugly ogre. All we wanted to do was drink pretty cocktails, get photographed for the Scene papers, and dance to incredible beats. All goals were accomplished. I used to feel bad about looking back on a great time because I felt like it was keeping me in the soft focused, floral nostalgia of the past. Today, however, and to be honest, after last Thursday night, after I dissolved into a complete puddle of "girl cries over boy into the arms of another boy she's met twice," aka "Major BONER KILLER" aka "DRUNK HAWK DOWN!!!" I decided that I don't need to be afraid of my feelings, nor do I need to be afraid of the past or future. Living in the small moments and remembering the grea times we used to have s a forever picture album in my memory. No, of course I won't ever be like that again (It takes me two days to recover from a horrible hangover now.), and we're all in different places mentally and physically now, but for the sake of this process, and the sake of keeping the memory of our youth alive, let's remember the jams. Here are my top five "Ready for the Floor" jams of 2006. May you be a light in dark places. #5 Hot Chip "Over and Over" Cutest gang of hipster boyfranz ever! #4 Mariah Carey "Emotions" You got me feelin' em ya'll. #3 Ladytron "Destroy Everything You Touch" I had all of those haircuts. #2 Bloc Party "Helicopter(Weird Science remix)(Feat. Peaches) We used to LIVE AND DIE for this one. #1 Goldfrapp "Number 1" Every day every night always and forever. I love this jam. You're my favorite moment. You're my Saturday. XOXO B.


  1. hey, you write awesome posts. even though i don't even know you, they remind me of myself a bit. esp since no denying Goldfrapp is the coolest!! keep writing them! <3

  2. Thanks dude. You are an awesome writer/seem like an awesome person as well!