Monday, March 1, 2010

I want thee love marriage!

When I wake up in the morning, there are three things I do from the comfort of my bed. 1. Check my phone for messages 2. Check Facebook to see what people who wake up early are doing, and 3. Read Dlisted. I honestly don't know what I was laughing at before I read Michael K's thoughts. I want to seriously believe that when I go to New York, I will stalk his ass down, and we will become BFFs 4EVAH! It's be like that time I was in a cab with Phil, and we were on our way to probably Rainbow Club for my barfday, and as our cab spun around the corner, a girl with the shortest skirt on imaginable was crossing the street and Phil yells out the window, "I CAN SEE YOUR PAD!" Oh how we laughed. Even our cabby laughed.

Anyhoos, this video comes courtesy of Dlisted, and my new BFF Michael K. This guy Wilbur Sargunaraj is a "call center specialist" and musical sensation! I mean, the song is pretty catchy, and his dance moves look like anything I've seen flailing around the Hideout on a saturday night dance party. You can buy his awesome dance CD on his website. His website alone will kill at least an hour of "work" at your cubicle today. I dedicated this post to my sister because when the link you click on to contact Wilbur says "Please make the contact!" ahahahahaha! I FINISH!"

Enjoy this video at work ya'lls! I'll be sitting in my kitchen drinking coffee and listening to Passion Pit in my underwears!


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