Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear this week,

This has been the worst week of my life. I am working in a tiny salon run by a very nice, but a little crazay in the brains Asian woman. My co-worker in my cubicle with me is a 45 year old gay who put on the Barbara Streisand greatest hits in the middle of the day today, and when I was all, "Is this showtunes?" He cracked the fuck up and was like, "NO!" Girl you so crazayyyy! I took the salon books home last night to figure out tomorrow's schedule/call clients/book them/stab them with my mind through the phone, and then left it on my kitchen table this morning on my way out the door. A roundtrip cab ride from downtown to Humboldt Park and back downtown again- $22. Crying in the cab and having my cabbie tell me it was ok, and that nobody's perfect-Priceless. Fuck. This. Week. 4EVAH! Why can't I just come home to this? I heart me some Bear Jew.

I'm going to drink some wine and think about fun stuff for us to do this weekend. I am thinking it will involve hot dogs which reminds me, Dear Trashman, when can I give you the awesome food-related thing I made for you? It is SO awesome!



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  1. Yeah, it is some hairy bear/scary bear yarmulke nonsense that we mostly communicate via your (admittedly sweet) blog. We should actually hang out Saturday night.