Monday, February 1, 2010

Total fun for EVERYONE!

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth (well, sort of), I've compressed all of my ideas through a very glamourous and glittery piece of cheesecloth, and voila! A blog featuring designers I love and who I think you should love too. Organization is a truly worthwhile skill.

I want to use this slice of internet space to talk about my friends and what they've been up to, as well as discover new designers out there working their asses off to make a living. Being an artist is a tough gig, and if I can generate the same amount of press for a struggling designer as the "Three Wolf Moon" T-Shirt has generated for itself, then, we can all be riding to Sundance in my G5 by next year! SUPER FUN!

This project will surely take awhile to get off the ground, and I need your help! I know you're sitting in your cube at the office "working" for at least 8 hours each day. That's right. I can see you when you're sleeping, and I can see you when you're awake. Don't ask me how I managed to get that ability. Trust me. You really don't want to know.

Ahhhh, I digress. I want this to be a collaborative effort. I'll post designers I think you should check out, and if you see someone who you think I would enjoy looking at/buying from, tell me about them!!! I love NEW STUFF!!! I also really love making new friends.

Also, if you are a designer, and need someone to do some PR work for you, look no further. I'm on it. I will take your words, and make them sing. I want to make you the best you can be.

YAY! Let's work together and make stuff!


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