Monday, February 15, 2010

Style House: The Place for Total Fashion!

Yesterday's VD post really took it outta me! Currently I am fighting with my cat who keeps trying to jump onto the table and lay on my arms. NO KITTY!!! This is what I do to Timmy when he's bad.

Before I woke up today, I was having a dream that I was shopping with my mom at this random thrift store that was just called "Fashion House." I've been there in my dreams before, but I can never tell where it is. It's just some random street shop with an old wooden awning. It made me think of that jankity janked out "clothing store" on Broadway and Wilson called "Style House: The place for total fashion!" If you haven't even been to Uptown, I suggest you take your ass there TODAY! It is full of shitty looking clothing stores, and delicious taquerias. Go to Style House and get your outfit for the clurb girl!

Ok, so I was shopping at Fashion House which is like thrift Heaven because everything I picked up was glitter and gold. Even the Juicy Couture poncho I found! AMAZING!

Later in my dream, Zachary Quinto was my gay best friend, and we were going to see some performance art in a venue that was attached to a hot dog stand. I mean, was it the Cook's I drank last night that made me dream such a wonderful dream? I will drink Cook's every night from now on, if it produces a place where I find everything I've ever wanted at the thrift and Zachary Quinto snuggles with me when I feel ugly and bloated and just keeps telling me I'm "fierce."

Best. Dream. Ever.



  1. Leave Lil Me alone! That shit is cruel and unusual and I will get violent on his/my behalf.

  2. It is indeed a cruel stroke to place a styl'in kitty like Tim-ma in a cable knit sweater. You must have been extremely provoked! Look at his face ... is that distain? Hey is he French?